Banking, Economics and Finance

Banking, Economics and Finance

What Can I Do With These Majors?

Each of the IU South Bend Leighton School of Business alumni listed below have a degree in banking, economics, or finance.  Each are at different points in their career—some are just starting out, some have years of experience.

While everyone’s career path is unique, you can learn more about how your career in one of these fields might look after you graduate by reviewing these Leighton School alumni’s Linkedin profiles:




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How to list these degrees on your resume

Bachelor of Science in Business: Banking

Bachelor of Science in Business: Finance

Bachelor of Science in Economics

Bachelor Degree Requirements:

Examples of Jobs in These Fields

Below are only a few examples of jobs you can get with a banking, economics, or finance degree.  Learn more about other jobs banking, economics, and finance here.

If you have a specific job in mind, you can learn more about it here.  

Examples of Detailed Job Descriptions

In addition to earning a degree, you’ll also need experience.

Many employers will consider class projects, internships, part-time jobs, and volunteer positions you held while attending college as relevant experience.

Early in your college career, study job descriptions to determine what experiences you will need on your resume to qualify for the job you desire after graduation. You’ll have more time to acquire these experiences before you graduate and begin applying for positions in the field. The Leighton Career Planning Office can help.

Below are some examples of job descriptions. Some of the duties may be unfamiliar to you now.  Do not worry, you’ll understand more as you take classes and progress in the major

  • Commercial Banking Assistant
    • Prepare due diligence reports and provide necessary information to loan documentation for preparation of loan documents
    • Maintain credit files, monitor and clear account exceptions for lender
    • Prepare wire transfer requests and loan/checking account transactions
    • Generate reports for lenders and open new accounts for customers
    • Bring discrepancies and/or issues to a satisfactory conclusion
    • Qualifications: bachelor degree, customer service experience, ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Financial Advisor
    • Develop new and efficient processes to inputting and executing trading in client accounts and many tasks for the team
    • Serve as lead coordinator and liaison between the advisory team and 401(k) clients
    • Communicate weekly portfolio updates to the senior portfolio manager for implementation in client accounts
    • Assist in the development of a methodology to track the team's proprietary investment process and business management metrics
    • Operate wealth management software programs
    • Qualifications: Bachelor degree in finance, 2 years of experience, familiarity with Thompson One required and familiarity with Salesforce preferred
  • Economist
    • Analyze monthly employment surveys for states and metropolitan areas
    • Identified emerging economic trends and issues
    • Use SAS and Excel to manipulate and analyze large datasets
    • Work under strict production deadlines
    • Perform independent research on statistical methods to produce more accurate estimates
    • Coordinate with state and regional economist
    • Qualifications: Bachelor degree in economics or finance, two years minimum experience, familiarity with SAS, JMP, ArcGIS, Microsoft Office Suite (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Visio)


Student Organizations

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Professional Organizations

Listings in this section are not meant to be endorsements of the organizations by the Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics.  Listings are meant for informational purposes only.

There may be additional professional organizations related to this major on the international, national, state and local levels.  Do an internet search to find more opportunities. 

Professional Development Opportunities 




There may be additional professional development opportunities on the international, national, state and local levels.  Do an internet search to discover more options.

Job and Internship Boards

Search the web for additional job and internship posting boards. 

Avoid Job Scams

Use caution when applying to jobs on any public job board.  See the Federal Trade Commission for more information.