Danuta Kawecki

Danuta Kawecki

Danuta Kawecki, a self-proclaimed overachiever, applied for several scholarship opportunities at IU South Bend. She was elated when she learned she had been awarded the Leighton Scholarship. “It was an incredible feeling,” the general business major explained. “Today, the scholarship motivates me to do my best.”

Danuta targeted IU South Bend for her undergraduate degree after taking a math class for college credit on the campus when she was a student at Penn High School. “I liked that class, and I felt comfortable on the campus,” she commented.

Also an Honors Program student, Danuta is taking an honors seminar. For Honors Program students, the academic challenge continues throughout their undergraduate education at IU South Bend. To graduate with an honors certificate, students are required to take at least 18 credit hours of honors courses before graduation. “I feel very comfortable in an honors environment,” explained Danuta. “I like to excel, and push myself.”

She’s also taking her introductory business classes. Focusing on early student success, the Leighton School sets-up student cohorts for three introductory courses---Introduction to Business, Microeconomics, and Career Perspectives. In addition to their professors, the cohorts are also assigned a peer mentor. “It’s helpful to have a peer mentor,” she said. “And it’s nice to see the same faces in the three classes.”

Danuta decided to major in general business so she would a variety of career choices in business. “I want to keep my career options in business open,” she explained, “so I chose to major in general business.”

In her free time, Danuta enjoys working at Ginger Valley, a local garden shop, and she’s learned a lot there, too. “I know a lot more about horticulture now,” she said. “I enjoy the challenge of bringing plants home and helping them grow.”

Motivated, energetic, and driven to succeed, Danuta is the essence of what it means to be a Leighton Scholar, studying business at the Leighton School.