Jennifer Nich

Jennifer Nich

Jennifer Nich, a Leighton Scholar, graduated 11th in her Mishawaka High School class. “I really worked hard in high school, so I could go college,” Jennifer said. “With my Leighton Scholarship and other financial aid, I do not have to borrow any money for my college education.”

As a freshman, Jennifer is adjusting to the new challenges of college. “Going in as a freshman is slightly terrifying at first,” said Jennifer. However, she’s enjoying her classes, especially her Introduction to Business class. “I’ve made new friends in the class,” she commented. “We get together and study in a group, and work on group activities together.”

After taking a class in accounting in high school, Jennifer knew early that she wanted to major in accounting. “I liked that it was organized,” she explained. “It make a lot of logical sense.”

Active in many clubs and a member of the National Honors Society in high school, Jennifer enjoys a wide variety of interests. At IU South Bend, she’s considering the Honors Program and the Accounting Club, but wants to get settled in her new role as a college student before she takes on any additional commitments.

Always looking for ways to excel and build her skills, Jennifer is also taking a theatre class. “I thought it would take me out of my comfort zone,” she said. “It will help me be more comfortable speaking in public.”

The Leighton scholarship made Jennifer’s dream to go to earn a college degree a reality. “I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to afford it,” she reflected. “It’s really amazing!”