Kanteh Komanda

Kanteh Komanda

Kanteh Komanda earned his first degree in political science at another university. Eager to be involved and to get the most out of his second collegiate experience, Kanteh has pursued many worthwhile opportunities. In addition to studying finance at the Leighton School, he served as president of the Financial Management Association (FMA) and associate justice on IU South Bend’s Student Government Association (SGA).

Serving on the IU South Bend SGA as an associate justice was an affirming experience for the finance student. “Through my school and campus involvement, I’ve established great connections on campus and developed leadership skills,” Kanteh said.

As president of FMA, Kanteh enjoys opportunities to network with the financial professionals he engages to speak at FMA meetings. “Listening and networking with professionals in the field,” explained Kanteh, “helps students learn more about different finance fields, and gather information about pursuing various careers in finance.”

Focused on securing a summer internship to boost his qualifications, Kanteh landed an internship at Kem Krest Corporation as a supply chain analyst. “In my internship I studied a lot of historical data to do forecasting,” said Kanteh. “These are important skills I can add to my resume and apply in my future career in finance.”

Kanteh appreciates the expertise his Leighton professors bring to the classroom. “They teach students to be top performers.”