Kevin Schascheck II

Kevin Schascheck II

Leighton scholar Kevin Schascheck chose the Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics for its reputation as a “really good business program,” and its affordable tuition. “I’m trying to graduate without debt,” he explained.

Kevin’s Leighton scholarship is not only making his undergraduate scholarship more affordable, it’s given him peace of mind, too. “The scholarship means less worry,” he commented. “I was really excited when I learned I had won it.”

So far the Leighton School has met all his expectations. Fluent in German, Kevin says he enjoys anything to do with foreign languages, so he decided one of his majors would be international business. He’s also decided to major in marketing. “I hope to have a career that has an international focus,” he explained.

The scholarship also provides the freedom to spend less time working and more time to pursuing his collegiate goals. Kevin plans to get more involved on campus, perhaps with the Honors Program and Student Government, he says.

He’s still adjusting to the change from high school to college, but likes the new challenges. “It’s a different mentality,” he explains. “I’m not required to be here, so I need to motivate myself and be disciplined to succeed.”

Like other Leighton scholars, Kevin is not only a gifted student, but he also has other exceptional talents. “I played the violin for seven years,” he explained. Kevin learned to play the instrument first through the school orchestra and later with a private instructor.

As a freshman, Kevin is still learning what it means to be a college student, but he feels confident that the Leighton School and IU South Bend are a good fit for him, and his future career in business. “It’s an exciting change from high school,” explained Kevin. “I like that I can get a good affordable education in business at the Leighton School.”