Human Resources Management

What is Human Resources Management?

In a few words, working with people.

Professionals in the human resource management field work each day with a variety of people, including employees and job applicants, and managers. Human Resource Managers also work in a variety of roles. They may, for example, be responsible for recruiting and selecting the best employees available for a job. Human Resource Managers also conduct training and career development programs and perform job evaluations. They may work in compensation and benefits administration.

You can’t put a price on professors who reach out to help students succeed.

Heather Hayes, Human Resources Management Major

What are your career choices in Human Resources Management?

At the Leighton School, you'll develop the business and management skills to work in a variety of human resources management roles. These might include compensation manager, employee assistance or benefits manager, equal employment opportunity (EEO) or affirmative action coordinator, labor relations manager, recruiter, and human resources information systems specialist to name a few.

What is the job outlook for Human Resources Management?


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook, job growth for human resource specialists is expected to grow faster than average, especially in the employment services industry.

How do you get there?

The Leighton School human resources management curriculum will acquaint you with the critical areas of 21st century human resources management—labor relations, personnel management, salary and wage administration, etc. , as well as the behavioral sciences.

Take the First Step

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