Ganesh Vaidyanathan

Dr. Vaidyanathan has over twenty years of managerial experience in advanced manufacturing technology, information technology, automation, strategy, and software engineering with several high tech industries in the U.S. and abroad. Prior to co-founding eReliable Commerce, Inc., he held executive positions at Click Commerce Inc., Allied Signal, Inc. (Honeywell), General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin, Inc. Dr. Vaidyanathan's research interests are Supply Chain Management, IT security, and information technology in corporations.

Selected Papers

  • Capability Hierarchy in Electronic Procurement and Procurement Process Performance: An Empirical Analysis. Journal of Operations Management, 2013, 31, 376-390
  • Does Security Impact E-Procurement Performance? Testing a Model of Direct and Moderated Effects. Decision Sciences, 2013, 43(3), 437-458
  • Effect of Purchase Volume Flexibility and Purchase Mix Flexibility on E-procurement Performance: An Analysis of Two Perspectives. Journal of Operations Management, 2012, 30, 509-520
  • Security in Web Content Management Systems Applications: A Framework Based Evaluation. Communications of the ACM, 2009, 52(12), 1-6
  • The Role of Quality in e-Procurement Information, Fulfillment and Performance: An empirical Analysis. Journal of Operations Management, 2008, 26(3), 407-425
  • A framework for evaluating third-party logistics. Communications of the ACM, 2005, 48(1), 89-94
  • A five factor framework for analyzing online risks in e-business. Communications of the ACM, 2003, 46(12), 354-361

Authored Book

Project Management:
Process, Technology, and Practice (1st Ed.)
Pearson, 2013