Alumni and Giving


Most of our graduates choose to live and work in the Michiana community, providing a talented workforce for our businesses and enhancing the livelihood of our communities. Your support is an investment in the people who will become Michiana’s future business and community leaders.

We invite you to make a gift to the Leighton School. With your support we can continue to build an exceptional faculty and talented student body. Unrestricted gifts are a particularly powerful form of support because they allow the Leighton School to use them as it sees fit, where current and often time-sensitive needs are the greatest.

Give Now

  • I38RR04038 IUSB Division of Business and Economics Fund
  • I32RR04189 IUSB Bureau of Business & Economic Research Fund
  • I32RR04916 IUSB Decision Sciences Fund
  • I32RR04619 IUSB Economics
  • I38RR04095 IUSB Entrepreneurship Fund
  • I32RR04643 IUSB Marketing Fund
  • I32RR04171 South Bend Graduate Business Fund
  • I32RR04197 South Bend Accounting Department Fund

  • I32RR04262 Gerald E. Harriman Scholarship Fund
  • I32RR04833 John Swanda, Jr. Honor Fund
  • I38RR04079 Manohar D. Nasta Memorial Scholarship
  • I38RR04202 James Pattillo Memorial Scholarship
  • I38RR04111 Robert N. Robinson Memorial Scholarship
  • P37RR04113 George Wing Memorial Scholarship
  • P37RR04AG0 Dr. Asghar Sabbaghi Business and Economics Scholarship
  • I32RR04973 IUSB Beta Gamma Sigma Induction Dinner


The Leighton School has a powerful alumni network. At the Leighton School, our commitment to your success, and your commitment to the School remains long after you graduate. We invite you to get involved:

  • Join our official LinkedIn Group to connect with fellow alumni and stay informed
  • Become an alumni mentor and share your experience and expertise with current students.
  • Contact our Career Planning Office for advice on effective career strategies and connecting you with our powerful alumni network and Leighton School Career Fair.
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