Guidelines and Requirements to Gain Course Credit

  • Student intern will develop an academic plan in conjunction and agreement with an internship mentor from Leighton School faculty that encourages students to reflect on their experience such as a professional journal, reflective papers, or other academic assignments
  • Internships in most cases span one semester and should create opportunities for students to incorporate their classroom knowledge in the work setting
  • Using the academic plan as a rubric, the internship mentor will evaluate the student’s performance and submit a final grade for course credit for the internship
  • Leighton School students who have reached junior standing and have completed six credit-hours in their area of concentration are eligible to register for course leading to credit for internship
  • Undergraduate students must register for BUS X481 and graduate students must register for BUSB X581 to earn course credit for an internship
  • Human Resource Management majors are required to complete an internship or a field project before graduation. Visit your academic advisor to learn more about this requirement.