Investment Analyst Competition

Leighton MBA Student Ranks in the Top 100 In Investment Analyst Competition

Embracing an opportunity to help boost her career in finance, Yi Li, a Leighton School Master of Business Administration student, tested her investment prowess in Institutional Investor’s All-American Student Analyst Competition. She was an outstanding competitor. Li ranked as the “2013-2014 Top 100 All-American Student Analyst” in the national competition with over 2100 students from 81 reputed business schools in the U.S.

Students were given $100K in virtual money and directed to follow the Federal Reserve rule designating a 50 percent margin requirement. Performance was graded quantitatively on multiple factors to determine the overall winners, as well as those in seven different industry sectors.

“The trading strategy used for the competition was developed based upon the knowledge and skills obtained from my investment classes,” explained Li. “In addition, I worked with Professor Lu to design a sound trading strategy and to identify winning securities.” She managed to find a good balance between growth stocks and high-dividend stocks in her portfolio.

The competition increased Li’s knowledge and confidence. “Winning the contest, I have developed my understanding and skills in trading securities and equity validation,” said Li. “More importantly, it has given me more confidence in investing and having a successful career in finance.”

Li chose the Leighton School for her undergraduate and graduate degrees because it was an accredited business school with professors who are dedicated to teaching students and guiding them to a bright future. “My investment classes at the Leighton School gave me the tools and taught me the skills to not only win the contest,” said Li, “but to excel in a career in finance.”