David Stamper

Moving Up

Recent graduate David Stamper, credits his internship at EnFocus, with putting him in a position to meet the owner and chief operating officer of Union Station Technology Center, where he is employed today as an account manager and marketing director.

Stamper discovered the internship opportunity through his professors at the Leighton School. “Professors Shively and Kern encouraged me to apply for the internship,” said Stamper. He found value in the real-world experience his internship provided. “It was a great learning and networking experience,” he explained “Internships are a great way to prepare for entering the workforce with lower stakes.”

Stamper spent the summer internship working on a government project for the St. Joseph County Highway Department. After researching how other governments implemented cost-effective winter road plans, Stamper compiled a report that laid out a comprehensive plan to help the St. Joseph County Highway Department implement a more effective winter road operation at a lower cost.

“I put together and presented a business case for applying a brine solution that adheres to the pavement, because it is more effective and less costly than treating roads with just salt,” said the small business and entrepreneurship graduate. “It was a project that was very challenging, and very practical for what I’m working on today.”

The report laid out his recommendations, showing the return on investment, the payback period, different case scenarios, and a phased implementation plan—all concepts he learned in class and put to good use on this project.

In addition, he was able to help the highway department get more value out of its company software, tracking their maintenance, routes, and schedules. “It helped them understand their current situation better, so they could make better decisions about improving their processes,” David explained.

In addition to practical experience, David also gained some good contacts in his internship. “Learning to work with other professionals at all levels was a valuable experience,” he explained.

Internships are often the first step in finding a job. In Stamper’s case, his internship at EnFocus was instrumental in connecting him with the right people. “My internship created the opportunity for me to land a job that has great potential.”