What is Finance?

Finance is a major designed to prepare you for a career in financial management—or the art of managing money for people, markets, businesses or governments. At the Leighton School, finance majors complete a rigorous program that teaches students to understand and interpret financial markets and institutions, investments, and corporate financial management.

I’ve had a lot of opportunities to network with professionals in the field.

Kanteh Kamanda, Finance Major

What are your career choices in Finance?

Leighton School finance graduates find jobs as charter financial analysts, investment bankers, traders or join private firms or corporations with investment departments.

While you are completing your finance degree, you can investigate different career options through internships, career fairs and networking opportunities available at the Leighton School.

What is the job outlook for Finance?

The ability to analyze a corporation's financial status and implement sound financial programs for raising funds and for choosing from among competing investment opportunities is of the utmost importance to any business organization, so Leighton School finance majors are in high demand by employers.

Take a look at any top 10 list for promising, well-paid, and high-growth jobs, and you'll find finance near the top.

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