General Business

What is General Business?

A Leighton School general business degree provides you with a broad understanding of fundamental business concepts, including finance, marketing and management. You'll be equipped with the business skills you need to help your company determine its priorities, coordinate multiple projects and meet its business goals.

The Leighton Scholarship motivates me to do my best.

Danuta Kawecki, Leighton Scholar

What are your career choices?

Leighton School graduates with degrees in general business work in management positions in a variety of corporate and business settings. As a general business major, you can work in a management role in a wide range of industries, including government, non-profits, franchises, and corporations.

What is the job outlook for General Business majors?

Wide open!!

A strong background in business fundamentals is very marketable and in high demand. Every company, large or small, needs business-savvy managers and leaders.

Take the First Step

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