International Business

What is International Business?

Companies now view the world as their markets. As an International Business major at the Leighton School, you'll gain an extensive understanding of international business issues such as finance, law, marketing and accounting. In short, you'll be prepared to interact and transact business in a global business environment.

Many students choose to double major in international business and another area of concentration to gain a broader perspective of the global business market.

I can get a really good education in business at the Leighton School, and it’s affordable.

Kevin Schascheck II, International Business, and Marketing Major

What are your career choices in International Business?

The major covers a broad spectrum of opportunities. Depending on your area of interest you may pursue a career in international marketing, business development, investments, import/export, financial analyst, or any position that requires activity between people or organizations from different countries.

What is the job outlook for International Business?

Today, business is international, and it will continue to grow even more so in the years to come. As an International business major, you'll find a wide variety of opportunities for employment, depending on your area of interest. It's a wide open world.

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