Small Business and Entrepreneurship

What is Small Business and Entrepreneurship?

Ever think you might be like to be your own boss or help manage a small business where you could have a bigger role in its operation? Small Business and Entrepreneurship is a major that can prepare you for these professional paths.

At the Leighton School, students who major in small business and entrepreneurship not only learn in the classroom, but they practice their new skills with small businesses in the community to help them develop a business plan and implement strategies to help the businesses grow.

I find my classes at the Leighton School are very relevant to my work.

Bryan Palmer, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Major

What are your career choices in Small Business and Entrepreneurship??

Students who choose this concentration may want to work in the family business, open their own business or manage a small or mid-size company.

What is the job outlook for Small Business and Entrepreneurship?

Excellent!! Small businesses are the future of business.

According to the Small Business Association Office of Advocacy, small firms accounted for 65 percent (or 9.8 million) of the 15 million net new jobs created between 1993 and 2009.

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