Academic Resources

Academic Performance and Persistence

Questions? Concerns? Not sure what to do or where to go for help? For answers to all your questions, contact Tabitha Kingsbury. She’s here to help you succeed!

  • Resources for Freshmen Students

    We understand transitioning to college can be overwhelming. That’s why we created strategies aimed at helping our first-year students be more successful and adapt to a more demanding collegiate environment. With more opportunities to engage with faculty and staff and other students, you are much more likely to get off to a good start and persist and achieve your academic goals.

    Freshman Blocks

    Freshman blocks share three classes---Introduction to Business (B190), Career Perspectives (X220), and Microeconomics (E103 in the fall semester and E104 in the spring semester), which are linked together and provide a discussion session where students can seek extra help and build connections with professors and other students in the class.

    Peer Mentors

    Each freshman block is assigned a peer mentor. Leighton School peer mentors provide tutoring as well as create opportunities for student engagement outside the classroom.

  • Resources for Transfer Students
  • Resources for Students and Families

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    FERPA and Access Requests

    FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) permits several rights and protections to the individual student’s file. For more information about FERPA visit the Office of the Registrar’s website. Those with specific requests or questions should speak with the Office of the Registrar.

    Students can grant third party access to trusted individuals. In order for the student to set up third party access, they can log into and enter “set up 3rd party users” to find and select the icon. This allows students to create an account for the third party. Students can modify access to select departments or revoke all access at any time. Individuals with third party access should always use their own account. Students should never share their password with anyone.

    Support Time Management

    One of the biggest hurdles to making a successful transition to college is time management. Students will need to spend 2-3 hours studying outside the classroom per hour they spend in class. A student carrying 15 hours will need to spend at least 30 hours outside of class per week. Students who work need to allow for adequate time to study outside the classroom as well as time to get involved in organizations and social events on campus. Parents can help students with this critical transition by discussing their time management with them, and helping them create a plan to manage their time.

  • Communication with Indiana University

    Indiana University has several ways we communicate with you. Take a moment to review the below styles as some may vary from your previous experience. This is not a comprehensive list. Always respond to all university communication promptly. Remember: we are here to assist you and you are always welcome to reach out to our faculty and staff!

    1. IU Email - Your IU email is an official means of communication that faculty, staff, and administration utilize. Check this email at least once a day. You will not receive a paper Bursar bill while enrolled. However, you will receive notifications via email of updates to your account.
    2. Canvas (Learning Management System) - Canvas contains information for your classes. Professors will use Canvas to give announcements, upload supplementary class materials, list your current grades, open forum discussion, or required assignments. Your professor may require you to submit assignments via Canvas or post in discussion/form threads located here. For assistance on utilizing Canvas our tutoring services, ACE, has tutors who can guide you in the Canvas system. Within Canvas, under your profile, you can set your notification settings for updates (which route to your IU email).
    3. To-Do List and Holds in the Student Center - Departments will create holds or add “To-Do” items to notify students of actions or documents needed. Students can review these by logging into and reviewing the corresponding sections in the “Student Center” icon. Open holds prevent registration while “To-Do” items do not. For example, students may have an “Advising Hold” which will prevent them from registering until they meet with an academic advisor. Alternatively, students may have a “To-Do” item of submitting their W-2 statement to Financial Aid. The “To-Do” is important to complete promptly for timely processing of aid, but does not stop registering for classes.
    4. Daily Titan - This is an email, which lists important announcements from campus departments and clubs. You can learn about important deadline reminders, opportunities, or fun things to do on campus.
    5. FLAGS (Fostering, Learning, Achievement, and Graduation Success) System - This system allows professors to identify academic concerns and give recommendations on how to follow-up. Staff may also outreach to students to speak with students. Students can review any FLAGS by logging into their account and selecting the “FLAGS Early Alerts” icon.
    6. Personal Appointments - Students are always welcome to contact the department for an appointment. In addition, students can log into and search “Student Appointment Scheduler” to review any hours their assigned advisor has listed or search for specific staff.
    7. Professor Office Hours - Professors will give preferred methods of contact on their syllabus (or during class) as well as location and times of walk-in hours during the week. If you are unable to attend the set office hours, contact them to arrange an appointment time.
    8. Mailings and Phone Calls - These methods are utilized sparingly, but extremely important. Communication by phone allows for timely service. Mailings may explain policy or documents needed by the university.
    9. Online Chat - The Gateway Information Center answers general questions and gives directions to university resources. During open business hours, students may go to IU South Bend’s homepage ( and chat with a representative on their question.
    10. Emergency Alert System – IU-Notify - IU-Notify is the mass notification system used by IU to inform faculty, staff, and students of any emergencies or urgent situations requiring immediate attention and action. Students should always keep their contact information up to date and can do so through their “Student Center” icon in account.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships for Leighton School Students

    There are many options available to help fund your education. IU South Bend Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics students have access to a variety of financial aid resources and scholarship opportunities, including the prestigious Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics Scholarships. This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate business majors with academically strong high school records. Recipients must be part of IU South Bend’s Honors Program.

    Review the criteria for scholarships and apply. It’s easy! You can submit one application for these and other IU South Bend scholarships by accessing “scholarships” on The scholarship opens on October 1st, applications are reviewed in the spring, and awards are applied the following academic year.

    A newly created scholarship is the ACE Scholarship. This award can be applied to the fall or spring terms. See their website for more information on how to qualify and apply for eligibility in the scholarship pool.

    Find out more about financial resources available to IU South Bend students:

  • IT Support Services

    Students at IU South Bend and the Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics have 24-hour access to IT Support.

    IU South Bend IT Support Center
    Wiekamp Hall, Room 1245
    Mon-Thurs 8am-7:30pm
    Friday 8am-5pm

    Call 574-520-5555 or email or live chat with a representative for 24 hour assistance.

  • Student Services

    We want you to achieve your academic goals! You’ll find plenty of resources available to help you succeed in college. Learn more:

  • Health and Wellness Services

    IU South Bend offers resources to assist for the adjustment to college or challenges along the way. Attending college is more than academics and the following services can assist with your quality of health and wellness.

  • Student Engagement and Enrichment

    There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved in the Leighton School and IU South Bend! Research shows that students who engage in activities and organizations on campus are more likely to graduate and report higher levels of satisfaction with their college experience. Learn how you can get involved:

    Business and Economics Living Learning Community

    First-year students in business and economics have a unique opportunity to live together in a community at River Crossing Campus Housing, sharing meals, special programs and activities, and study time with other students with similar interests. You’ll get the support you need to thrive in a more challenging college environment and develop lifelong friendships. Students who choose this option must also be in the Honors program.

    Want to live in the Business and Economics Living Learning Community? Apply Now! Indicate your interest for the Living Learning Community when you complete the IU South Bend Housing application.

    Honors Program