Will Schenkel

Will Schenkel

After taking a few graduate classes as a non-degree student, William Schenkel called his decision to pursue a Master of Business Administration at the Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics “very easy,” especially after he learned he qualified for a Leighton fellowship.

When he began taking graduate classes at the Leighton School, he intended to fulfill the additional credit hours he needed to sit for the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam, but he was surprised to find that his coursework was also improving his job skills! “I found that I really enjoyed the classes,” William explained. “The classwork was immediately relevant to my job as a corporate accountant.”

For William, his learning accelerated while pursuing graduate studies and working at the same time. “The projects and class discussions helped me understand the processes better, and understand how they applied,” he commented.

Pleased with his professors and the project-based approach to learning, William investigated pursuing an MBA degree, and learned he may also qualify for a Leighton School Fellowship Award to help offset the expense of pursuing his graduate degree. He didn’t look back. “The best part of my education at the Leighton School is the faculty,” commented William. “The fellowship was icing on the cake.”

Williams’ undergraduate degree provided the foundational skills, but the Leighton School MBA is providing the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to advance in his job. “Knowing what you did and how to explain it is an important part of my job as an accountant,” William explained. “When I make presentations in class I get feedback to improve my skills, which is making me more valuable and effective in my job. “

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