What is Accounting?

Accounting majors are blazing a path that can take them anywhere in the world of business. Erase the image of accountants pushing pencils in stuffy cubicles. In today’s reform-minded, global business environment, accountants act as financial experts, systems professionals, budget analysts, management consultants, and regulatory advisors to name a few of their many roles.

Accounting graduates who meet the basic requirements of the State Board of Public Accountancy of Indiana are eligible to sit for the Uniform CPA examination.

The Leighton Scholarship made college affordable for me.

Jennifer Nich, Accounting Major

What are your career choices in Accounting?

Accounting is a degree that offers many career options. Leighton School accounting students are prepared for positions in auditing, taxation, corporate accounting, and management consulting with corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations. An accounting degree from the Leighton School also provides excellent background if you want to pursue a double major or graduate work in accounting, taxation, business, public administration, or law.

What is the job outlook for accountants?

Sunny, sunny and sunny!

Because accounting is the universal language of business, your accounting degree is very valuable in the job market. Businesses, non-profit organizations, government entities and public accounting firms all need and hire Leighton School accounting graduates.

Leighton School students are recruited for internships in local accounting practices and businesses, giving you ample opportunity to try out different areas of accounting and company cultures. And for many Leighton School students, those internships turn into full-time positions.

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