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What Can I Do With This Major?

Each of the IU South Bend Leighton School of Business alumni listed below have a degree in Accounting.  Each are at different points in their career—some are just starting out, some have years of experience.

While everyone’s career path is unique, you can learn more about how your career in accounting might look after you graduate by reviewing these Leighton School alumni’s Linkedin profiles:

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How to list this degree on your resume

Bachelor of Science in Business: Accounting

Bachelor Degree and CPA Requirements

Examples of Jobs in This Field

Below are only a few examples of jobs you can get with an accounting degree. Learn more about other jobs in accounting here.

If you have a specific job in mind, you can learn more about it here.  

Examples of Detailed Job Descriptions

In addition to earning a degree, you’ll also need experience.

Many employers will consider class projects, internships, part-time jobs, and volunteer positions you held while attending college as relevant experience.

Early in your college career, study job descriptions to determine what experiences you will need on your resume to qualify for the job you desire after graduation. You’ll have more time to acquire these experiences before you graduate and begin applying for positions in the field. The Leighton Career Planning Office can help.

Below are some examples of accounting job descriptions. Some of the duties may be unfamiliar to you now.  Do not worry, you’ll understand more as you take classes and progress in the major.

  • Analyze corporate internal controls and performed comprehensive audits, reviews, and compilations while working closely with various clients
  • Develop plans and conducted audits to analyze, document, validate, and test to assess clients' systems
  • Perform a full spectrum of accounting functions such as audit testing for numerous financial accounts, testing of controls, and evaluating and documenting accounting systems
  • Prepare journal entries, reconciled general ledger accounts, and assisted with special accounting projects, such as documenting clients' control procedures and policies
  • Administer an audit engagement that presented and finalized a client's year-end financial statements, while supervising two other team members
  • Qualifications:  Two years of experience, bachelor degree in accounting, Proficiency in ProSystem TB and Tax, QuickBooks, Excel, and other packages
  • Maintain cost management records of actual spend, budget, and forecasts of multiple projects
  • Maintain accounting related activities in the plant maintenance system and financial system including month end interfaces, accruals, reporting requirements and account maintenance
  • Settle costs for all site building maintenance, modifications, internal, special repairs and maintenance costs
  • Identify and fix variances as well as monitoring and reconciling relevant cost of labor allocation to invoice
  • Perform monthly cost analysis on general ledger accounts to ensure cost is recorded correctly throughout SAP applications versus the existing budget
  • Ensure costs are accurately allocated to the COPA financial reports for variable and fixed costs
  • Qualifications:  Four years of experience, bachelor degree in accounting, Proficiency in Excel and SAP
  • Develop and justify budget estimates; review procedures used for budget program proposals and evaluations
  • Monitor and track obligations and expenditures for program and support functions throughout execution phase of annual operating budget
  • Monitored cash processing: receipts, disbursements, transfers, unallocated and unidentified funds
  • Initiate work year planning and execution for program implementation; ensured all support requirements were identified and adequately funded
  • Analyze proposed training system changes; ensured all logistics support elements were identified, priced, funded, planned, and implemented consistent with logistics program objectives
  • Qualifications:  One year of experience, bachelor degree in accounting, proficiency in Excel and attention to detail

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Professional Organizations

Listings in this section are not meant to be endorsements of the organizations by the Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics.  Listings are meant for informational purposes only.

There may be additional professional organizations related to this major on the international, national, state and local levels.  Do an internet search to find more opportunities. 

Professional Development Opportunities  

There may be additional professional development opportunities on the international, national, state and local levels.  Do an internet search to discover more options.

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