What is Advertising?

Whether through traditional channels or non-traditional channels, like YouTube and Facebook, the advertiser's job is to design strategies and create messages that will compel consumers to take action.

At the Leighton School, you'll hone your innovative skills in a cutting-edge creative lab, where you'll get hands-on training in designing product prototypes, promotions, and social media. From print to media, you'll learn to design, strategize and create with the same tools the experts use.

Students get plenty of real-world experience in advertising and marketing.

Eduardo Alvarez, Advertising Major

What are your career choices in Advertising?

Leighton School advertising graduates work in a variety of jobs. Some work as copywriters, graphic designers, media buyers, marketing managers, account executives, product managers in advertising agencies or the advertising departments or a variety of businesses. Others work in media, including television, newspapers or magazine; while others may work in non-profit organizations.

What is the job outlook for Advertising?

It's a good time to be an advertising major. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, jobs for advertising sales agents will increase by approximately 28 percent by 2018. If you are strong communicator with a creative imagination, you'll find plenty of job opportunities in advertising.

How do I earn a degree in Advertising?

At the Leighton School you'll have an opportunity to explore the many facets of the advertising profession, including market research, advertising and marketing strategy, retail and sales management, as well as hone your creative skills.

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