What is Marketing?

Did you ever have a lemonade stand? Did you make signs and call out chants to get customers? What did you charge for a cup of lemonade? Did your customers get a cookie, too?

Marketing is all about moving a product or service from the producer to the consumer in exchange for money. But for that to work, companies have to know what customers want, what they're willing to exchange, and how to move consumers to buy.

That's where marketing professionals come in.

I’m reaping the benefits of my great education at the Leighton School.

Jumana El-Ammori BS Marketing, 2015

What career options are available for marketing majors?

Leighton School marketing majors with marketing degrees work in positions such as marketing managers, product managers, sales managers, advertising managers, or in public relations.

What are the job prospects?

Very good!!

A marketing degree can give you the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to work in nearly any industry that exists today, particularly because marketing is such an important part of any business plan. Advertising, market research, public relations, and more areas of business around the world employ graduates with marketing degrees.

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