What Can I Do With This Major?

Each of the IU South Bend Leighton School of Business alumni listed below have a degree in Marketing. Each are at different points in their career—some are just starting out, some have years of experience.

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How to list this degree on your resume

Bachelor of Science in Business: Marketing

Bachelor Degree Requirements

Examples of Jobs in This Field

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Examples of Detailed Job Descriptions

In addition to earning a degree, you’ll also need experience.

Many employers will consider class projects, internships, part-time jobs, and volunteer positions you held while attending college as relevant experience.

Early in your college career, study job descriptions to determine what experiences you will need on your resume to qualify for the job you desire after graduation. You’ll have more time to acquire these experiences before you graduate and begin applying for positions in the field. The Leighton Career Planning Office can help.

Below are some examples of marketing job descriptions. Some of the duties may be unfamiliar to you now. Do not worry, you’ll understand more as you take classes and progress in the major.

Some of the duties listed below may be unfamiliar to you now. Do not worry, you will learn their meaning as you take classes.

  • Apply appropriate analytical methodologies and instruments to research projects
  • Clean and analyze results and report on project findings
  • Create customized and presentation-quality reports from data analysis results. This includes presenting summary tables and figures to clients and other analysts
  • Effectively contribute to team projects
  • Support effective knowledge management
  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree required, at least one year of professional research/analytical experience, experience in traditional market research techniques, competency with statistical program packages such as SPSS or STATA. Experience with data visualization tools (Tableau experience a plus)

  • Develop and implement strategy to build brand awareness, and for targeted campaigns, through the company website and all forms of digital media
  • Ensuring all website and other online content is current and up-to-date
  • Oversee all social media platforms, including writing content, posting, scheduling posts, scanning for editorial or engagement opportunities, and responding to comments or direct messages
  • Responsible for social media analytics and reporting, adjusting implementation as needed. Create and implement strategy for internal (SharePoint) website to drive employee engagement
  • Qualifications: Bachelor degree in communications, public relations or marketing. Two years of experience. Possession of a state-issued driver’s license, personal transportation, good driving record and auto insurance as required by law. Detailed working knowledge and experience with website content management systems, Adobe Suite, and digital monitoring and analytics tools, such as HootSuite, Sprout Social, etc. Advanced skills with social media platforms in a B2B or B2C environment, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

  • Communicate strategic and operational information according to system marketing plan
  • In cooperation with marketing team, plan, write, edit and distribute communication vehicles including publications, press releases, corporate memos, donor correspondence, video, and digital projects.
  • Oversee the development of marketing communication materials. Develop and carry out publicity and media assignments.
  • Plan and develop community outreach events including fairs, school programs and community partnerships.
  • Qualifications: Advanced knowledge of technical and persuasive writing and public relations principles normally acquired though completion of a bachelor’s in public relations, marketing or communications. Marketing experiences demonstrating creative development and implementation of projects that effectively reach target audiences and objectives. Requires excellent team, customer service, proofreading, computer, organizational and project management skills.

Student Organizations

Professional Organizations

Listings in this section are not meant to be endorsements of the organizations by the Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics. Listings are meant for informational purposes only.

There may be additional professional organizations related to this major on the international, national, state and local levels. Do an internet search to find more opportunities.

Professional Development Opportunities

There may be additional professional development opportunities on the international, national, state and local levels. Do an internet search to discover more options.

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