Student Life

Student Life

At the Leighton School, you have many opportunities to explore careers, network, develop friendships and get involved. You can:

The Leighton School has three honorary societies and a variety of student organizations where students can pursue their interests in various fields of business.

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Judd Leighton Living and Learning Community

The Judd Leighton Learning Living Community (LLC) is an on-campus, residential learning community for first-year business and economics students. As a resident of the Leighton LLC, you’ll share many of the same classes, professors, and assignments as the person right next door, helping you make friends quickly and jump start your success in the classroom. In addition, you’ll have unique opportunities to be involved in special academic, social, and networking programs that are organized by the Leighton LLC peer mentor and the Leighton School faculty and staff.

For more information about the Judd Leighton LLC, email Christine Hansen

To apply for Judd Leighton LLC, email