More about internships

More about internships

Internships are generally one-time experiences with the following characteristics:

  • Last between 3 - 4 months and generally take place during a college semester or summer break
  • May be part-time or full-time
  • May be paid or unpaid (the majority are paid)
  • Incorporate a learning and education component into the hourly schedule
  • May be taken for course credit (BUS-X481) with prior approval from Mike Esposito

Additionally, internships should support the following objectives and student learning outcomes:

  • Application of classroom concepts to a real-world work environment
  • Opportunity to complete practical work
  • Development of both professional and personal attributes
  • Development and clarification of career goals

How many internships should I do?

Internships are not required for Leighton School of Business students, but they are strongly recommended. Most students who engage in internships complete 1 or 2 as an undergraduate. The majority of internships are available to junior and senior level students.

Why should I do an internship?

  • Gain on-the-job experience to help you build your skills and resume
  • Explore whether or not your chosen career path or an organization satisfies your particular needs, expectations, and goals
  • Reach clearly defined goals and objectives that relate to your professional development
  • Get supervision and feedback from an individual in the field of expertise
  • Develop a network of professional contacts
  • Gain leads for full-time jobs

Where do I find an internship?

Narrow your search by identifying your goals for an internship. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of internship am I looking for? (Paid, unpaid, summer, semester-long, credit, non-credit)
  • What skills/experience would I most like to develop in my internship?
  • What type of work environment best fits my interests and values? (For profit, non-profit, government, large or small organization)
  • What qualities do I look for in an ideal supervisor?
  • Draft a resume and cover letter.
  • Schedule an appointment with Leighton School Director of Career Planning Mike Esposito to review your resume and cover letter.

Finding an internship is much like finding a job; it requires discipline and dedication on the part of the student. Here are some ways to maximize your search:

  • IU South Bend Career Services and the Leighton School post internships on IUSBCareers. Log in the same way you log into One IU or Oncourse. Search for an internship, upload your resume and cover letter, and register for Career Services Events.
  • Attend the Career and Internship Fairs at IU South Bend Student Activities Center
  • Research companies and careers of interest to you
  • Follow Leighton School and IU South Bend social media sites for internship announcements

Resources to help business majors find internships can be found at:

Scroll to the bottom of the page.  Select your major.  A list of job and internship boards are available at the end of each majors’ page. 

   Stipends for Unpaid Internships