Name of the Organization

This organization shall be known as the IUSB Accounting Association.

Purpose of the Organization

The objective of the IUSB Accounting Association is to compliment its members' formal education with exposure to "real-world" issues within the field of accounting.


Section 1. Qualifications
Membership in the IUSB Accounting Association shall be open to all IUSB students and may include a maximum of five non-students. No person shall be denied membership on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, physical handicaps, or political beliefs.

Section 2. Types of Membership

  1. Voting Membership shall be open to all members.
  2. Members that are currently enrolled in classes at IUSB must maintain at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA.

Section 3. Financial Obligation
Dues that are required to be an active member of the IUSB Accounting Association are $15.00. Dues are subject to change and cover one full academic year beginning with the Fall semester and ending with the Spring semester.


Section 1. Executive Branch
The Executive Branch of the IUSB Accounting Association shall be comprised of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2. Duties and Powers

  1. The President shall preside over all meetings, call executive meetings, form committees and appoint committee chairpersons with the consent of the membership, find and contact speakers, organize fund-raiser(s), organize and maintain bulletin boards, organize field-trips, order club apparel, edit the newsletter, call and confirm speakers one week in advance, and maintain a list of active members.
  2. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence if he/she is incapable of performing said duties, assist the President, prepare three to four newsletters a year, copy and mail the newsletters, and bring dinnerware to the meetings.
  3. The Secretary shall keep attendance records, notify the members of the time and place of meetings, prepare and mail thank you letters to speakers and sponsors, post meetings on the campus bulletin boards two weeks in advance, and set up table tents on the Monday before each meeting.
  4. The Treasurer shall maintain an accurate record of receipts and disbursements of funds, maintain the organization's account in accordance with University regulations, submit regular book total reports to all members enclosed in the newsletters, mail checks at least one week before a bill comes due, order pizza at the meetings, and bring beverages to the meetings.
  5. The entire Executive Branch shall be responsible for maintaining the web page.

Section 3. Officer Qualifications

Candidates for office must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50, must have a current membership with the IUSB Accounting Association while running for office, and must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours per semester unless graduating in December.

Section 4. Term of Office

Once selected, the officers shall take office May of the current year to May of the following year or until they are unable to perform their duties. Officers graduating in December must fulfill their duties until the end of their one year term.

Section 5. Selection of Officers

Members who wish to run for office must sign up when announced and elections will take place at the last meeting. All paid members even if running for office shall be allowed to vote. Officers can serve a maximum of two terms in each office.


  1. The IUSB Accounting Association shall hold 8 regular meetings per academic year.
  2. The time and location of regular meetings shall be determined by the President at the beginning of each semester. All members shall be notified of the time and place of each meeting at the beginning of the academic year.
  3. The IUSB Accounting Association does not require a quorum.
  4. The IUSB Accounting Association does not have attendance requirements.

Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall consist of 5 members appointed by the President.
  2. A quorum for the Executive Committee shall consist of all 5 members to hold an official meeting.
  3. The duties of the Executive Committee shall be to review the Constitution, propose amendments and accept or reject the Constitution. The Executive Committee may also be called upon for other official meetings as needed.

Impeachment and Removal

  1. Officers in the IUSB Accounting Association may be impeached for malfeasance in office, dereliction of duty, or failing to comply with the purposes and objectives of the IUSB Accounting Association.
  2. A petition signed by 2/3 of active members of this organization shall initiate impeachment proceedings.
  3. The officer in question shall be notified in writing at least 14 days prior to the meeting scheduled to discuss his/her impeachment. The time, location, and all allegations shall be specified in this correspondence. During this meeting, the officer in question shall be provided with an opportunity to address the allegations.
  4. In the event of presidential impeachment proceedings, the Vice President shall chair the meeting and at least one adviser shall be present.
  5. In the event an officer is impeached and removed from office, he/she will not retain active membership in the IUSB Accounting Association.
  6. A 3/4 secret vote of the attending active members in an open meeting shall constitute removal permanently.


  1. In the event the President of this organization can no longer assume the duties of that office, the Vice President shall become President.
  2. In the event that a vacancy occurs in any office other than the presidency the remaining officers shall nominate the candidate(s) for the office that is vacant. The IUSB Accounting Association shall then approve the nomination by majority vote.


Section 1. Advisor Qualifications

One full-time faculty or administrative staff member of Indiana University South Bend shall be invited by the IUSB Accounting Association to serve as the group's primary advisor. The IUSB Accounting Association may also have a secondary advisor that does not need to be a full-time faculty or administrative staff member of Indiana University South Bend. The advisors will serve as an advocate for the IUSB Accounting Association and will help facilitate a smooth transition from one year's student administration to the next. The advisors shall also ensure that all business conducted by this group meets university standards. The organization will keep these advisors informed of all activities, meetings, plans, and events.

Section 2. Advisors' Duties

Advisors shall be responsible for collecting and reviewing scholarship applications and formulating the selection process of scholarship recipients.


Each amendment having passed by a majority vote of the IUSB Accounting Association's Executive Committee shall become effective only after the Student Senate Constitution Committee of the IUSB Student Association has granted its approval.


This constitution shall be officially ratified when signed by at least 2/3 of attending or participating members of the Executive Committee.

Enabling Act

Upon ratification of this constitution by the IUSB Accounting Association and the IUSB Student Senate, this constitution shall become effective immediately.

We the following hereby ratify the Constitution of the IUSB Accounting Association:

Executive Branch:

Paula Szikszai, President
Cyndi Belongea, Vice President
Chad Gentry, Secretary
Brandon Bainter, Treasurer
Professor Nelson Mlotshwa, Advisor

Executive Committee:

Anthony Liu, Chairperson
Carol Power, Committee Member
Jim Kline, Committee Member
Gabriella Szemethy, Committee Member
Rob Fadely, Committee Member